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Light Bar Spotlight Bar Hon

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Product Features:


  • Engineered for complimentary clearances to ensure that Light Bars fit correctly with SwitchBlade® or Dakota 4.5™ Windshields and with National Cycle Chrome Lower Deflectors

  • Comes fully assembled, pre-wired, complete with turn signals (in certain cases, turn signals are not required)

  • Spotlight Bar style varies depending on make and model application

  • D.O.T. and E.C. approved, including use in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Honda VTX1800C Classic 2002
Honda VTX1800C Classic 2003
Honda VTX1800C Classic 2004
Honda VTX1800C Classic 2005
Honda VTX1800C Classic 2006
Honda VTX1800C Classic 2007
Honda VTX1800F Performance 2005
Honda VTX1800F Performance 2006
Honda VTX1800F Performance 2007
Honda VTX1800F Performance 2008
Honda VTX1800N Neo-Retro 2004
Honda VTX1800N Neo-Retro 2005
Honda VTX1800N Neo-Retro 2006
Honda VTX1800N Neo-Retro 2007
Honda VTX1800N Neo-Retro 2008
Honda VTX1800R Retro Cast 2002
Honda VTX1800R Retro Cast 2003
Honda VTX1800R Retro Cast 2004
Honda VTX1800R Retro Cast 2005
Honda VTX1800R Retro Cast 2006
Honda VTX1800R Retro Cast 2007
Honda VTX1800S Retro Spoke 2002
Honda VTX1800S Retro Spoke 2003
Honda VTX1800S Retro Spoke 2004
Honda VTX1800S Retro Spoke 2005
Honda VTX1800S Retro Spoke 2006